Meet The Team

Meet the Amazing Women behind Flower City Bitties: Creativity Consultants.  Lauren, Lindsay and Jamie are all wives, moms , and all three women share a love of crafting and thinking outside the box. This is where Flower City Bitties: Creativity Consultants began, through many girls get together’s to craft and create and the realization that we are not the only women in the world that love to get together for some fun with crafting.

We love watching as our customers begin with simple materials, and by the end of the session or instruction, have a beautiful piece of art that they can take home or gift to others.  Most importantly, we love watching self-confidence bloom as our customers flourish throughout the crafting experience.

We hope that you enjoy our many crafts, classes, or other unique gift ideas we put together, and that you find that inner crafty side that we know you all have.

(Created photo’s on some of the above- David Re Photography)